Your House, Your Style

A good architect taps into inner depths to reveal unarticulated desires. Rivetna Architects has grown because we listen to our clients and encourage them to collaborate in making their space uniquely their own.


"What I remember most is that my husband and I changed very little of Cyrus' initial design.  He got 90% of what we wanted on his first try.  I often wondered how he did it and I think it is, maybe, because he is very observant, asks a lot of questions, and is uncannily intuitive. Oh, and creative." - Z.T. 


Remodeling: When Building on What You Already Have Makes Sense

“New” is not always better and, very often, not really what you want. Rivetna Architects has enlarged houses as families have grown and re-organized space for empty nesters not quite ready to downsize. We listen closely, probe, and offer practical solutions to lifestyle changes.


"One of my favorite memories is going to the city building department where we had to present the plans.  This can be a daunting and seemingly arbitrary process where one feels at the mercy of some official’s whim. Cyrus handled it beautifully. He was totally professional while charming the official." - P.L.


New Construction: The Slate Is Never REALLY Blank

Every site carries baggage; for example, topography (on a ravine or adjacent to protected wetlands) and special features both good and bad (historic district restrictions; century-old trees or heirloom landscaping). Add to the mix a client’s need to wake up with the sun, for solar panels to control energy costs, or for a swimming pool which might require a zoning variance and “interesting” can become “challenging”. Not to worry: Rivetna Architects has a track record of creative solutions to seemingly daunting sites.

Interior Design: When Beauty Needs to Be More Than Just Skin-Deep

A gift outdone by its packaging can be deeply disappointing. In that vein, we offer services which raise interiors to the style and feel of the structure’s exterior.

Big to You, Big to Us

Rivetna Architects is committed to providing responsible architecture to all and embraces projects which other architects might deem “too small”. These include porch renovations, garage enlargement and, the placement of furniture for a past client downsizing from a 3-level Lincoln Park rowhouse to a Hyde Park simplex.

Team Rivetna

Some projects are as complex as they are intriguing. As needed, we assemble and supervise general contractors, audio-visual consultants, cabinetry fabricators, landscape architects, lighting consultants, custom hardware suppliers, stone masons/carvers, and assorted engineers (structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing).