The Sizzle and the Steak

The best designed and most cost-efficient structure can falter if its presentation fails to excite. Rivetna Architects offers its clients finishes and interiors which are visually engaging and intended for high traffic usage.

On Time/on Budget

To Rivetna Architects, it’s all about keeping our word, monitoring worksite progress, and keeping the client informed.

Success, Very Often, Is Managing Expectations

Much of our practice involves dealing with municipalities and helping clients adapt to building code requirements. Sometimes the answer requires merely more creativity, sometimes a variance, but there is always an answer.


"Cyrus did an excellent job designing the project and locating the right contractors. We have had people driving by just stop in and compliment the building. I would recommend Cyrus for a quality job and accommodating our finances and needs." - H. M. 



"I actually interviewed three firms for this job and hired Cyrus (because) he simply made me feel comfortable during the bidding process. He is competent, friendly, and I right away felt he understood what I was looking to achieve.  Most importantly I felt he would make sure that my project stayed within budget." - G.C.


Bang for the Buck

It comes in many forms, from using construction practices uncommon to the locality, to product sourcing and creative interpretation of building codes. We ourselves are in business and are keenly attuned to the client’s bottom line.

Diversity and Government Contracting

When your government contracts require using a Minority Business Enterprise, we can help. Rivetna Architects is MBE certified with the City of Chicago and a registered vendor under the State of Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP).