Technology:  Art + Craft

Architecture has come a long way from the days of the drafting table. As needed, we provide high quality architectural renderings to assist clients visualize the ultimate space, regardless of project size.

We Cover Codes, Regulations, and Bureaucrats

Self-Certification Drawings = Fast-Tracking Permits

Pulling your building permit in Chicago can take as long as 8 weeks, but we can provide you with Self-Certified drawings and a building permit in MUCH less time under the City’s Self-Certification Permit Program.  When time is of the essence, we can help.  We’ll pull your Chicago permit faster than anyone who isn’t self-certified.  Always.

We Did Green Before It Was Cool

Sustainable technologies are both intuitive and integral to our design methodology. It is not an afterthought, and we base all our recommendations on cost analyses, not doing green merely for its own sake.

We’re Into Value

. . . even when a budget is unlimited. We are networked into every industry and profession which touches on architecture in this country–and you, the client, benefit from getting the best product and pricing in those very competitive markets.

We’re All About You

You come to create architecture suitable to you: when it’s important, off-the-rack design just doesn’t cut it. We listen. We collaborate. We bring design expertise, cost-effective options, and project-management services tailored to your particular needs. We make building easy.

We’re Into Architecture

We at Rivetna Architects remain enthusiastic about providing structures unique to each client but also at peace with its site/environment. We believe that good design enhances the quality of life and that bad design causes problems. Above all, we believe that solid, honest architecture–that which is practical, attractive, and long-lasting–is everyone’s birthright, and we do what we can to make it readily available.

Cyrus Rivetna, AIA

The founder and principal of Rivetna Architects is both creative and practical. He is the recipient of the prestigious American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Award; a published and exhibited photographer; and an expert on ancient Zoroastrian fire temples, witness a recent interview for a CBS documentary. Much of his professional formation happened during his “Doshi Years”, a two-year stint as senior architect at Sangath (India) at the office of iconic architect Shri Balkrishna Doshi who worked with Le Corbusier in Paris and who returned to Ahmedabad to supervise Le Corbusier’s projects. Those “Doshi Years” were the crucible where the ancient architectural idiom of the east fused with the process and technology of the west, creating what would become the focus of Rivetna Architects: producing quality architecture which satisfies both the spirit and the practical.